The Regal Agency is different from any other Modeling Agency on the grid.

It was the dream of the founder, Eibhline Resident to create an Agency that was not only accepting of the different shapes and body types of Second Life, but to have an organization that did not require certain measurements to be a model. Her dream to open an Agency that allowed for your TALENT and not put focus on "Who You Know", to promote the skills of the individual, and focus on the strengths of the individual model and to Resemble What You Truly Want To Be.

The Regal Agency Casting Information

Regal Agency holds casting in November of each year. There are two ways to make it into The Regal Agency.

  1. Cast during open casting calls in November of each calendar year.
  2. Attend and graduate all courses offered at the Regal Academy, the Agency will then by selecting from the graduates and is still by invitation only.

The Academy, although excepting of many different aspects of modeling shapes, size and diversity, is still very selective and the Agency is strictly by invitation only. The Regal Agency puts together approximately 4 major shows per year, with designer shows in between per request.

For more information on The Regal Academy please contact The Agency Advisor. To see our current models, click here to view the Arch Model Portfolio



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