The Regal Academy has some of the most prestigious graduates on the grid. As an Academy student you will begin with the basics. 101 and 201 Courses. After which you will receive a Certificate in Basic Modeling. If you choose to continue in your education with the Regal Academy, you will take courses 301-601 and become a Certified Model. After completing the 601 Course you will obtain your Advanced Modeling Certificate and perhaps be invited to join the "by invitation only" Regal Agency. Only a handful of models ever achieve the highest level at Regal. It is a level most models would love to be at but few obtain.

Regal Academy is one of the most highly indepth ciriculum and student focused instructors. Offering one on one training offered in Private lessons available. And group classes offered as well. Please explore the Academy Tab at the top of the page to see where you can fill out an application for students and private lessons, as well as class descriptions and tuition costs. You can see our list of instructors on our personnel tab.

We look forward to having you in class!!

The Regal Monachy

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