Founded by Eibhline Resident, Regal Estates is where people come to receive the royal treatment. Regal Estates consists of our Regal Academy, Regal Agency, Regal Boutiques, and [in 2015] Regal Magazine. Regal wanted to take new players in Second Life and show them they can be a model. We also wanted to have a robust enough curriculum so that even the most seasoned models could become part of the Elite, almost like Royalty! In addition, Regal allows those without experience to learn and form a strong modeling foundation. To be able to succeeded as a model, like an structure, a solid foundation is needed. Here at Regal, we give people a chance to experience the modeling world. This will help them realize their passion for modeling. Regal makes their modeling dreams a reality-- at a reasonable price. The Regal Boutiques were created to not only help the models at the academy learn about fashion, but also to accent up-and-coming designers. The Regal Boutiques have a mix of well known elite designers as well as newer designers who are at the cusp of redefining the fashion industry as we know it. At the Regal Boutiques we strive to provide our customers and pupils with the royal treatment by offering refined and high quality products. From head to toe, Patrons of the Regal Boutiques can pamper themselves like royalty. In addition to an Academy, and Boutiques, Regal has now opened an agency. The Regal Agency also known as the Regal Court, bestows the title of Arch-Model to models who resemble what they truly want to be. We believe model education is important and everyone has a right to take a chance! We are honored to have both certified and uncertified models at Regal Court, as the paperwork of certification doesn't always make a Regal Arch-Model! Regal is excited to announce that coming soon in 2016, we will be opening a magazine. Further information will be provided at a later date. Resemble what you truly want to be...Regal.

With Highest Regards,

Regal Advisory

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